First Aid Courses

Basic First Aid


This course aims at training people in different places, jobs, activities, age groups, and risk situations to deal with accidents in order to prevent the occurrence of deaths or chronic problems of the injured or affected personnel.

Also include a special focus, as required by the trainees, about special chemical injuries according to the material safety data sheet content of their working environment as well as any special hazards that may be faced during work.


  • Define first aid, steps followed to conduct first aid, rights and duties when conducting first aid
  • Background information
  • Phsiology and anatomy of different biological systems, and the vital signs (pulse, respiration, temperature, blood pressure)
  • Dealing with mass accidents
  • Define mass accidents, triage (prioritization of conducting first aid in a mass accident, objectives in a mass accident, transporting wounded people, and conducting mental health care to other non injured people)
  • Basic Life supports
  • The ABC steps, Air way obstruction handling, CPR and Automated CPR
  • Practical training of the day
  • General examination, Vital signs, Blood pressure measurement, Intramuscular injection & Performing CPR.
  • Definition, types, diagnosis, first aid procedures, transporting, and ways of prevention.
  • Hemorrhage External hemorrhage, and internal hemorrhage
  • Simple wounds and injuries
  • Dealing with simple wounds; cleaning and dressing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Fainting and coma.
  • Definitions, causes, diagnosis, differentiation, first aid procedures, and ways of prevention
  • Ophthalmic (eye) injuries
  • Differentiate between different injuries, first aid and prevention
  • Burns
  • Definition, causes, classification, danger signs, first aid, and prevention
  • Practical applications
  • Handling fractured personnel, Splints, Bandages, Eye bandage, Revision for CPR.
  • Definition, causes, first aid, and prevention of reoccurrence
  • Poisoning
  • Definition, causes and types, first aid, danger signs, and prevention
  • Diarrhea
  • Definition, causes, first aid, and prevention of Renal colic
  • Symptoms and management of Renal colic
  • Animal bites
  • Causes, danger signs, first aid, and prevention
  • Suffocation
  • Definition, causes, diagnosis, first aid, danger signs, and ways of prevention
  • Drowning
  • Definition, causes, first aid, and prevention
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and exposure to cold
  • Simple Stitches
  • Performing simple sutures for simple wounds
  • Practical
  • Intra venous injection, preparing the universal antidote. Heimlich maneuver

Who should attend?

  • All safety & security staff
  • All people in different places, activities, and risk situations
Duration: 01 Days