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The program aims to provide high-quality education with full academic supervision of the students and continuous evaluation of the student’s performance.

The program is characterized by the Integrated courses at both the horizontal and vertical levels, Introductory courses to their clinical study that begin at the first stage of the educational program.

In addition to the existence of elective courses that allow students to study the principles of administrative science, risk management, medical ethics, leadership skills as well as different languages and human sciences that have a close relationship to the educational program and will be practiced by the graduate in his or her career. The Program also includes e-learning.


Why study MBBS in Egypt?

Egypt has become a new destination for overseas study. Students from across the world are making their way towards the culturally rich nation, Egypt. With beautiful surroundings, Egypt has nicely famed institutions.

Along with educational knowledge studying, Egypt gives you the possibility and opportunity to learn about the Middle Eastern lifestyle politically, historically and financially.

Egypt additionally gives excellent education at all levels and gives students multi-faculty picks. Not only it has low-priced facilities but numerous scholarship programs are also being provided to worldwide students in many nations which include Nepal, South Africa, India and various other countries that send their students to Egypt after getting their scholarships respectively.

So why not study in Egypt? Amongst many universities, Cairo University is one of the oldest and reputed universities in the world located in the capital of Egypt Cairo.

  • Cairo University is one of the most well-known universities in Egypt’s capital city to study medicine.
  • Egypt has become a major hub for overseas MBBS students. Many MBBS students come here from Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, UAE, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and many more.
  • Students can observe and explore the Middle East’s cultural, political, historical and economic topics.
  • Graduating students from universities in Egypt are working in the best hospitals in the world.
  • The climate, study environment and cost of living are similar to those of India.
  • Moderate fee, World Ranking #239, English Language.
  • Students will receive a monthly salary during the internship period, Simple Visa Procedures, Safe campus.

What Is So Different About Egypt From The Other Countries ?

  • One of the best state of the art infrastructure.
  • Hand-picked world class faculty.
  • English is the medium of study and instruction during the entire course.
  • The cherry on the cake is the ultimate hands on training from the third year onwards which no other country offers.
  • MBBS graduates from Egypt are doing best in reputed hospitals all over the world.

  • The climate, study environment and cost of living are almost similar to India.
  • Globally recognized and standard curriculum.
  • Affordable cost and course free.
  • #239 in World ranking.
  • High patients flow in 5000 bedded University’s own 9 hospitals.
  • University teach MBBS in four languages English, French, German and Arabic.
  • Clinical rotations are available in 21 countries like USA , UK, Canada, Germany, India and many more.
  • Attractive job offers.  *After MBBS from Cairo University students will get direct job in USA & GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council).
  • After MBBS from Cairo University students will get direct PG in Germany.